How do I review referral requests that have been initiated?

Updated: Apr 30

When a user is communicating with their assigned responder, they can request to be referred to someone else within your network. These would be your level 2 and level 3 responders.

Users are unable to initiate a referral request themselves, but can ask their assigned responder to initiate the referral request using our referral feature.

This feature should be used in alignment with your school or organization's policies and procedures.

When a responder makes a referral request, the following process takes place:

  • The responder clicks on the "Refer User" button from their screen.

  • The responder selects the level 2 or 3 responder they are referring the user to.

  • The responder explains the reason for the referral.

When the referral request is submitted, the request is sent to the the responder the referral request was intended for.

The responder that the user is referred to will then receive a notification and the referral request will appear on their "wait list" where they can approve/decline submitted requests. When a request is approved, the responder as the ability to add/remove the user at any given time. More details on how this process works can be found here.

As a Network Admin, on the "Referral Requests" screen, you will find an on-going list of all referral requests coming through your network that includes the following information:

  • The name of the responder making the referral.

  • The name of the user and their user ID.

  • The name of the responder the user is being referred to.

  • The date and time the referral was made.

  • A description of the reason for the referral.

  • The status of the referral.

The referral system built within our platform allows schools and organizations to develop a structured and organized process for how users access other available in-house support resources.