How is the app safe and secure?

Account Security

Students and staff added to your Waves network receive an email that includes a unique authorization code and a one-time access code. This information, along with their student or employee ID, is required to activate their Waves profile, removing unauthorized access to your network.

Data Encryption

To ensure HIPPA and FERPA compliance, all data passing through the platform, whether it is through our web-based interface or our mobile application, is encrypted. This means that all user data is converted into complex code to ensure that its contents cannot be understood, intercepted, or collected.

School Protection

When a school counselor turns off their availability, their students are unable to message them. If a student attempts to message their school counselor when unavailable, they're redirected to crisis support resources. This eliminates liability for schools when it comes to supporting their students after school hours.

Student Safety

Our platform provides students with a mobile help place to find local and crisis support resources when their school counselor is unavailable. Currently, if a student were to email their school counselor with a mental health or safety need, the student must wait, sometimes hours at a time, for guidance or support.