How do I track the activity within my network?

One of the most powerful features that we will be consistently improving is data and analytic tracking. The mission behind this tool is to help you track the wellness and daily needs of your student body. To view your network's user activity, go to your navigation side-bar on the Waves Dashboard and select "Analytics".

When you arrive at the Data & Analytics screen, there are currently 6 kinds of analytics being measured at all times.

You can filter the data by selecting the "arrow" next to the title of each data component and select how you would like to filter the data such as by week, month, year, etc.

Below is a breakdown of what these entail.

Waves Indicated

"Waves" are the different emotions that students can select from when communicating with their assigned responder. On the Data & Analytics screen, you can see the top 5 waves (emotions) in your network in real time. This allows you to develop knowledge of the wellness of your student body in real time and acquire the insight needed to establish best practices for your school.

Filter Types: Today, Week, Month, Year

Messages Exchanged

Here you can see the communication frequency within your school's network between students and responders.

Filter Types: Week, Month, Year

User Overview

This gives you an idea of how many students and responders are active within your network. If you have students or responders that are "inactive", this means that they have not officially setup their account.

If this is the case, go to the "Students" and/or "Responders" screen, find the user who is "inactive", and resend the email invitation to them by selecting "invite".

Filter Types: Students, Responders

Sessions Scheduled: Here you can see the number of in-person sessions that have been scheduled between students and responders.

Filter Types: Today, Week, Month, Year

Referrals Confirmed/Student Waitlist

Here you can see the number of referrals that have been confirmed within your network, as well as the current number of users waiting for their referral to be confirmed.

Filter Types: Today, Week, Month, Year

Reported Messages

Here you can see the number of messages that have been reported. These messages are reported when a student is messaging their assigned responder anonymously and admits to being in danger of harming themselves, those around them, if they are being harmed, or inappropriately using the anonymity feature.

Filter Types: Today, Week, Month, Year