Putting your students first just got easier.

Waves is a HIPAA and FERPA compliant student management tool that helps school counselors keep student success and wellness at the top of mind.


What makes us different?

Our technology was designed for school counselors, not for teachers.


As popular as some communication and student management apps are in education, most can be quite complex to navigate, challenging to implement, and aren't even HIPAA compliant. That's why we worked with a team of school counselors to create a simple and sleek multi-purpose platform that would meet the needs of both students and school counselors. With that in mind, below you will find a breakdown of the three key advantages of integrating our game-changing technology into your school community.

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Advantage #1

Make it easier for your school counselors to reach students where they are each day of the week.

Mobile + Online Features for School Counselors:

  • Two-Way Direct Messaging with Students

  • Ability to Turn Off Direct Messaging After School

  • Option to Disable Anonymous Messaging

  • Quickly Schedule Meetings with Students

  • Real-Time Mood Tracking of Students

  • Schedule Mass Reminders or Announcements

  • Training Videos, Help Center, US-Based Support


Advantage #2

Give students access to a central help place where they can find the help they need to succeed.

Mobile + Online Features for Students:

  • Two-Way Direct Messaging with School Counselor

  • Find Insight on Local Mental Health Resources

  • Stay Protected with 24/7 Crisis Support Services

  • Send an Anonymous Tip About a School-Related Incident

  • Access Self-Care Tools and Modules (Coming Soon)
  • Training Videos, Help Center, US-Based Support


Advantage #3

Allow your school leaders to collect insight on student wellness and establish best practices that meet their needs.

Mobile + Online Features for School Administrators:

  • An Assigned Account Representative

  • Seamless Student and Staff Onboarding

  • Ability to Import Local and Crisis Support Resources

  • Send or Schedule Mass Alerts to Students

  • Track Performance and User Activity of Your School

  • Training Videos, Help Center, US-Based Support


Account Security

Onboarded students and staff receive an automated welcome email that includes a unique authorization code and a one-time access code. This information, along with their student or employee ID, is required to activate their profile, removing unauthorized access to your network.

End to End Encryption

To ensure HIPPA and FERPA compliance, all data passing through the platform, whether it is through our online or our mobile application, is encrypted. This means that all user data is converted into complex code to ensure that its contents cannot be understood, intercepted, or collected.

School Protection

When a school counselor turns off their availability, their assigned students are unable to direct message them. If a student attempts to message their school counselor when unavailable, they are redirected to crisis support resources which can help reduce liability for your school when it comes to supporting students after school hours.

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Set your school apart.

To help showcase your school's commitment to student success and wellness in education, we provide you with an official website badge that recognizes you as an official school partner.

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Ready to lead the way?

We work with pro-active primary and secondary schools districts who want to set an example for others. If you believe that your school district should be on the forefront of our mission, click below to schedule a 10 minute call. Let's do some good together.

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