Putting your employees first just got easier.

Waves is our mobile application that offers employees a simple and secure way to communicate their mental health and safety needs to your HR department.

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Improve Employee Engagement with Your HR Department

By offering employees a more direct way to connect with your department of human resources, it reduces the stress and anxiety that often comes with communicating personal needs and concerns that have an effect on an employee’s daily job performance. Having a tool like ours integrated into your organizational culture is a powerful way to express to your employees that they are valued in the workplace. Our platform also offers a more centralized way for HR staff members to direct message their assigned employees, provide assistance when requested, and schedule in-person sessions as needed.

Boost Company Morale While Enhancing Communication Efforts

Your HR staff members​ have the ability to schedule and send mass messages to their assigned employees which keeps everyone up to date on reminders, announcements, and other important company information. This is also a great way to push out weekly encouragement and motivation to your employees which allows everyone to start their Monday off on the right foot.


Reduce the Stigma of Seeking Help for Your Employees

By requiring all of your employees to have our app on their phone, no one is singled out. This provides everyone with a streamline way to communicate their mental health and safety needs to your HR team.

Simplify How Your Employees Access EAP's

Your Network Admin(s) are able to customize a list of local resources and employee assistance programs that are made available to all of your employees through our mobile app. This helps increase your employees' knowledge and understanding of resources available to them beyond the workplace.

Equip Your Employees with Crisis Support Resources

When an HR staff member’s availability is turned off after work hours, your employees have access to crisis support resources that are selected by your Network Admin(s). This ensures that all of your employees have access to crisis support resources if they find themselves in an emergency situation outside the workplace.

Make it Easier for Employees to Access In-House Support Services

With our built-in referral system, your employees can easily take advantage of in-house support services offered by your company such as a therapist or life coach. Your Network Admin(s) can quickly add additional staff members to the platform that employees can gain access to if a referral request is submitted by their assigned HR staff member. 

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