If you are trying to see if a student or responder still has to activate their account, please follow these instructions:

  1. Log into your Waves Dashboard.

  2. Go to "My Students".

  3. Look at the last column titled "Status".

  4. If it says "Active" next to a student, this means the student has successfully activated their profile.

  5. If it says "Invite" next to the student, this means they have not successfully activated their profile.

  6. If you select "Invite" next to the student, you will receive the option to resend an invite to their email inbox.

Sometimes when schools are organizing their onboarding spreadsheets, some of the emails are not entered correctly. If a student or responder informs you that they haven't received a welcome email from Waves, please follow these instructions to resolve the issue:

  • Log into your Waves Dashboard.

  • Find the student or responder.

  • Check to see if the email associated with their profile is correct.

  • If it is correct, select "Invite" in the last column to re-send their welcome email. It is likely they may have lost it somewhere in their inbox or accidently moved it to trash.

  • If it is incorrect, delete the student/responder and re-add them by clicking "Add" in the top right corner and entering the requested information.

  • This will then trigger a welcome email to them.

If you notice that all the emails that were onboarded are incorrect:

  • Delete all the students or responders

  • Update your onboarding sheet with the correct information

  • Re-import the spreadsheet with the help of your account representative.


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